My Writing Home

Hello, sweet reader.

Thank you for being here.  Whether you have stumbled here accidentally and decided to pause for a moment and share this time with me here in cyberland, or have sought me out from some place in the future – I’m grateful for you.

For, what is a writer without a reader?  A pen, or a hurried set of fingers across a keyboard, without pairs of eyes waiting to read what has been created.

Right now, there are no eyeballs waiting to devour the magical words my imagination creates.

I. Am. An. Unknown.

And yet I am creating this site – my writing home – in the perhaps foolish hope that someday, the eyeballs will arrive.

It would be rude not to have a place ready, when the readers arrive, don’t you think?

Allow me to introduce myself.

I have written for as long as I can remember.

Stories and poems and articles… angst filled pieces that carried me through my teenage years.

And then I grew up.

Got a job, met a man, fell in love, had a child, married.

The dreams of writing never disappeared – on the occasions that I would wander a magazine aisle, it would always be Writing magazine I picked up, never a glossy girlie or an ideal home mag.

Now, I have decided that life is too short to wait for more time, a better idea, a bigger window to look out of from my desk.

I am working on my first novel.

I’m 10% of the way through, and I have each chapter mapped out.  I know where the story is going, although the ending could go one of two ways… I guess my characters will decide!

I can write quickly.  Speed is my friend.  Consistency has always been my weakness.

If you’re reading this, perhaps you’ve heard my name, and that would be wondrous as it would suggest that maybe I’ve finally got the consistency issue under control.

We shall see.

This is my writing journey, and I’d be honoured if you would join me.

So, make yourself at home.

I have a  feeling we’re in for a wonderful ride…

Katie x